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Truman’s student population is diverse. We have families from several countries and more than 10 language groups. Our ethnic population truly is multicultural. About 20 percent of our students are English language learners.
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Annual dance festival leaps onto VSAA stage

Vancouver Public Schools will present its 19th annual Dance Festival Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Anderson Counselor Chronicles: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy! But it sure is good for you. Our Stop and Think Skill and Virtue of the Month is: Dealing with Anger/Forgiveness

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But My Child is Only 5 Minutes Late!

“But my child is only 5 minutes late!” TODAY: Your child misses 5 minutes of learning THIS WEEK: They miss 25 minutes of learning THIS HALF TERM: It has increased [...]

Top 10 levy facts

Learn about the replacement educational maintenance and operations levy that will be on the Feb. 9 ballot.

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Principal: Theresa David-Turner

Main: 360-313-2900
Attendance: 360-313-1438

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8:30 a.m. – 2:50 p.m.

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