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State laws, district policies will continue to protect transgender students

A statement from the state superintendent assures that Washington schools will treat transgender students "consistent with the student's gender identity." Washington state law continues to protect transgender students from discrimination in school, in spite of [...]

Limitations on DHS immigration enforcement action at sensitive locations

All children have a right to a free public education, regardless of their actual or perceived immigration or citizenship status or that of their parents. Education leaders, teachers, students, and families, have asked questions [...]

Safe schools are a VPS commitment

Dear students, families and guardians, At Vancouver Public Schools, we work hard everyday to ensure that our schools are inviting, respectful and safe learning environments for each student. We want all children and their [...]

ACC Handbook 4 Dress & Appearance

Hey There! As we continue our journey together through the Student/Parent Handbook, we tackle another topic! Dress and Appearance! Watch this brief video to know what you can or cannot wear to school as well [...]

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